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Readings, Events, Engagements with Máirín? Purposeful. Prayerful. UPlifting! YOU? Embraced receiving Messages. Empowered understanding Mediumship. Encouraged by Máirín’s Spirituality. Inspired learning about yours. (Yes, your Gifts.) You’ll laugh, too – as Loved Ones do – more than you might imagine.

“I had a wonderful time with Máirín….It was intense, we laughed and cried and I feel that she connected with my departed loved ones. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to know….” Marie H., sharing at BPD

Máirín’s unlike most Mediums. How? She asks: “What do YOU need?” and begins with your Angels’ Answers. As an Intuitive, Máirín addresses your questions before you ask them. She provides un-Google-able evidence of your Loved Ones’ Presence, Essence, Love…. She also acknowledges all presenting Loved Ones, Angel Children, and Pets. Yes: Pets!

Readings, Galleries, Intuitive Guidance, Gift Development…. Máirín’s Gifts work the same way in all formats. Readings with two or more meet as a group, maximizing Messengers, shared experiences, and note-taking fingers. Still curious? Read more Clients’ testimonials to Máirín’s Gifts, time, generosity.

🍂Mairin’s Menu™
All Hallows? Still Liminal.

🍁Autumn Specials? Still ON!
Per your requests. (Thank you!)
Yes, Liminality’s still a Thing.
And yes, Returning Clients save 10%.
What’s Liminality? Read UP. It’s a Thing.™
Note: 11/17 Specials extended per Love. HB, Mom!

Private Phone Readings for One

Máirín’s favorite: Blind Readings!

  • WHY? The better Believing YOU’ll be!
  • Gift One — Get One as Máirín’s Treat!
  • 90 Minutes: $210 — One for YOU, too!
  • Order Gift’n’Get by November 17th.

Begin your Conversation with Heaven!

Family Readings with Máirín

In-depth Readings with shared Loved Ones

  • 2.5 Hours — Intro + Readings + Q&A
  • Sessions: In-Person or via Skype
  • 2 to 6 Participants — $600 (from $750)
  • Book by 11/17 — a Lucky Day for Máirín!

Book a Family Reading with Máirín.

Reading Parties & Special Events

Ideal for initially experiencing Mediumship!

  • 2.5 Hours — Intro + Readings + Q&A
  • Weekends, starting between Noon—2 p.m.
  • 8 to 20 Participants: $75 (from $100)
  • Book by November 30th to get a date!

Plan a Reading Party with Máirín!

What Do YOU Need?

"To The Divine in YOU: Namaste." —Máirín.


Máirín’s Reading all ’round OUR World…

🇺🇸 Guam–Puerto Rico–40+ States… 🇨🇦 Coast to Coast… 🇬🇧 England–Wales–Scotland… 💮Leeds–Barnsley–Wombwell… 🇮🇪 Dublin–Belfast–Westport–Killarney… 🇫🇷 Paris–Pozières–Alençon… 🇪🇸 Costa del Sol… 🇦🇺 🇲🇽 🇵🇷 🇮🇱 🇩🇪 🇵🇱 🇮🇹 🇵🇹 …

Where will YOU meet Medium Máirín?


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