Why Máirín?

“If you haven’t had a reading with Máirín, book it NOW! My reading was comforting, thought provoking, and fun….” —M.B., sharing at Best Psychic Directory

Speaker, Spiritualist, and Medium Máirín is also and an award-winning Aunt, Author, Advisor, and ADvocate.™ Admired worldwide for her compassion, insights, and activism, Máirín shares her Mediumship and Psychic Gifts for three reasons: Edification. Encouragement. Comfort. All are all’n’only about Love.
No reality show. No 800 #. No bestseller – yet. Neither is she a trick pony. Rather: Medium Máirín is all about YOU.

How Máirín Works

Award-winning business and learning consultant Máirín begins every Reading with three objectives: Achieve. Believe. Receive.
Validating with undeniable specificity, Máirín ensures you believe your Loved Ones are present. Only then can you understand, experience, and fully receive Their Presence, Messages, Love.
Unlike most Mediums – even in Galleries and Charity Events – Máirín will stay with Loved Ones as long as They do…with YOU.
Okay four. Conceive. Máirín also educates and empowers you, initiating your Conversation with Heaven. Then? Talk UP. Love REMAINS!™

What’s it like for YOU?

“Amazing!” “…a moving, eye-opening, healing experience.” Sometimes a “party,” too. What’s any Reading with Máirín like…for YOU? Explore testimonials to Máirín’s generosity of time and Gifts on this site and at the universally trusted Best Psychic Directory.
How do you choose a Medium? Still doubtful, Thomas? Read and share this empowering advice from ex-skeptical investigator Bob Olson re vetting full-time Mediums like Máirín and their fees and practices.
Nervousness? Understandable. Skepticism? Counter intuitive to UPlifting Energy. You meet with Máirín in mutual Intentions of Love, Healing, Hope…help you most need.

Ready to begin a Conversation?

Gift a Reading. See for yourself! Máirín’s keen to keep opening Minds. New-Site Special: New Clients who gift a Telephone Reading join as Máirín’s observant guest. Book soon.
Heavenly Pressies. Máirín sends customized Gift Certificates to wrap-with-Love. Who’s on your Wish List? Yes, it’s okay to gift yourself! ; )


1. Peruse Máirín’s Menu.™
2. Submit a Booking Request.
3. Accept Máirín’s Meeting Invite.
Máirín will eMail simple preparation and payment instructions and you’re set.
Then? Look UP. Love IS!™

“The better to meet you with!”

Máirín comes to you from Chicago via Skype, telephone, or in person. Being in your space maximizes Energy and ensures YOU can Just BE before and after a Reading or Session.
NO Medium has words sufficient in the loss of a child or the face of terror. NO Medium or psychic practitioner can guarantee messages or that your Loved One(s) will step forward. Still, Máirín’s Clients often comment: “Everyone gets something out of it!”

FAQs — in any format, YOU need:

  • Quietude — in your Home, Body, Mind, Spirit….
  • Comfort. NO cleaning required — jammies are welcome!
  • Note-taking tools needed — yes, there is always Heartwork!
  • Refreshments for you are optional — champagne, as needed. ; )
  • Smoke-Free Home or Venue — Office, Club, Pub, The Westbury….
  • More FAQs? See Máirín Menu™….