Spirit FUNdraising!™

YOU bring Good Works
Loved Ones bring Goods
WE give 100% to Good Causes!

— Author–Speaker–ADvocate™ aka Medium Máirín

“Am Medium. Will Travel…for Good.”

Máirín’s lifelong mission of sharing her Gifts for Good? Raising awareness of Good Works. UPlifting transparent Charities. Re-creating donor events. Inspiring: “Psychic Giveback!”
How does Spirit FUNdraising work?
Picture the best charity events: Theme. Presentation and Auction or Drawing. Dinner or drinks and some conversation. All leave feeling good about themselves. Charity raises awareness and a percentage of profits.
See it? Please envision hugs, too. 😉

Picture this theme: Love IS!™

Presenting UP-looking facts, Máirín’s Events? Enlightening–Inspiring–FUN! Drawing on Loved Ones’ Energy, Máirín randomly Reads attendees. After Q&A? Everyone feels UPlifted, embracing themselves, each other, and Loved Ones, anew.
Nothing is ‘random.’ Máirín’s Spirit FUNdraising delivers funds, awareness, and experiences donors never forget! Explore others’ take on Máirín’s Energy and generosity of time and Gifts.
Máirín’s best takeaways? HUGS, of course. AND?
100% of donations benefit Good Causes.

Psychic GiveBack

Electrify podcasts! Energize conference goers! Host Convo & Cocktails in a bookstore–museum–gallery–golf club near you!
Máirín’s Gift practice? 75% pro bono: witnessed in by Fly-bys; reflected in Máirín’s Menu; resounding in Clients’ testimonials.
Máirín’s craziest Plan Next? Making the practice of her Gifts 99% pro bono! And no, that’s not crazy. Neither is Mediumship. Nor is she.
Even if your event’s not raising funds: Máirín supports local-to-the-event Charities.

Give it UP: What’s YOUR passion?

Tho she hasn’t set foot in two of these countries – yet! – Máirín’s Read in them all (and then some). 🇺🇸 Chicago–NYC–LA–Guam… 🇨🇦 Toronto–Victoria–St. John… 🇬🇧 London–Anglesey–Sterling… 💮Sheffield–York–Wombwell… 🇮🇪 Dublin–Westport–Killarney… 🇪🇸 Málaga–Madrid–Barcelona… 🇫🇷 Paris–Pozières–Alençon… 🇦🇺 Sydney–Melbourne–Brisbane–Perth… 🇲🇽 🇵🇷 🇮🇱 🇩🇪 🇵🇱 🇮🇹 🇵🇹 … wherever in OUR World YOU Love and live!
Máirín’s passions? Inspiring Children. Embracing Elders. Empowering Brains and Souls. Rescuing Pets. Saving Animals. Protecting Nature. Benefiting OUR World. Private and nonprofit. Local and Global. New or longstanding, organizations need be only transparent, donations providing Good Works. Guides like these can help donors.
YOUR passion projects? Máirín’s researching new beneficiaries. Who and what do YOU support? Inspiring People? Championing Children? Caring Seniors? Animals & Pets? Mother Nature? Human Rights? HealthCARE? Shared Research? Real Journalism? Upcoming Creatives? Nominate YOUR Good Cause today!

YOUR Good Works + Angels-as-VIP Guests = 100% for Charities!