Hello. I'm Máirín. And yes, I'm a Medium.Yes, I’m a Medium. And so are you. And no, we are not “crazy.” We all have spiritual abilities beyond our understanding or others’ definitions of ‘normal.’ We’re born this way.
“Inexplicable” psychic ability by any name is, inexorably, REAL. Read more.
We feel someone beside us … but turn to find no one there. We dream about someone who’s passed … and, years later, our mind’s eye can still see every indelible detail. We intuitively stop for a changing traffic light … only then to see a police car on the corner! We just Know that someone will call or that something has happened or that “I’ve been here before.” And yes, sometimes we “see dead people” (as the movie line goes).†
As Máirín, born Maureen – both pronounced “MORE–een” – I dream quarely BIG. Like my names, identity, and Gifts, ‘quare’ is Irish. It can mean “remarkable, excellent” AND “odd, strange, spoiled.” Growing up “Reenie” on Chicago’s South Side, I learned: My Gifts* were deemed the latter. So I shut down. I began exploring and sharing my psychic abilities in 1987 – in Southern California. Initially reluctantly, intentionally obliquely, I’ve always Read internationally. My practice grew exclusively via referral. Today, my Clientele spans four Continents.
*My Gifts give Glory to Others. God and countless others who propagate Faith in MEs. I’ve made one legal name change along the way; another in the offing? Both make great Irish Tales! By any spelling, every telling: I’m finally MEs. Privileged beyond measure DOing all I’m Meant to BE. I AM One Fortunate Medium!

TWO MEs — TWO Brands — TWO Hands — FOUR Crossed Eyes — 24 Hours

… alas, there’s just ONE Medium-size ME. In a career I rarely intended, I’ve earned extraordinary privileges, learning experiences, and achievements in developing and facilitating learning, building and leading teams, and winning creative and corporate awards – ALL toward others’ perpetual success. My referral-only Clients include: industry innovators Xerox, Sharp, RR Donnelley; entrepreneurs in LA, Palo Alto, Chicago, Dublin; nonprofit experts; Thought Leaders; Light Workers, too. Respect earned through colleagues’ “success” (by Bessie Stanley’s definition) is, inexorably, humbling. Grateful I remain.
In ALL my endeavors? ONE, THREE-step process: Comprehend complexity. Create clarity. Communicate…-with-Love.
Today, my vision, mission, and Compellment fall under TWO umbrellas – both with THREE purposes: Edification. Encouragement. Comfort.

One ME’s about Believing

“Máirín is funny, witty and has a great sense of humor; all wrapped up with a great Gift. It was intense, we laughed and cried and I feel….” —Marie Henn at BPD
I’m a Spiritual Being with myriad Gifts. And yes, so are you. But no, I’m not psychic.* I practice Spiritual Mediumship. My purpose? To Prophesy. But no, I’m no Prophet.* And you bet: *Therein can lie worlds of difference.
I have “a really cool phone thru which I get Incoming Calls” during scheduled or impromptu (“Fly-by”) Readings. I ‘get’ Missourians but not skeptics. Watch for my Letter to Thomas & Tommie. And no, I don’t make outgoing calls.
My Gift Sharing? 75-90% pro bono. Clientele? Spanning four Continents, so far. Readings? Fun–UPlifting–REAL…say thousands like you. My Team? Building. My Books? Coming UP!
My Mantra for believers & skeptics alike?

Look UP: Love IS!™

One ME’s about Thinking

“You were the right person at the right time to formally start Team Dad.” —Three-State Siblings gathering August 2017 for Betty’s University™
SO much we CAN do in JOY!™ Many call me-as-Maureen “crazy” for believing that. For decades. Despite 10,000s of families worldwide finding JOY & Love despite Thinking Not Working.™
I do believe that. I Know it. I live it. Meet my beautiful Mom. Known as ‘The’ Betty, Mom’s Inspiring Families @BettysLove. Still. Always.
Betty’s Tips™ are proven, practical, UPlifting. Free to Families since 1999 – and as Betty’s eBooks© for Carers & Children. Nourish, protect, and boost brains of ALL ages!
‘Crazy’ to me? I AM She: ‘The’ SME re BRAINS from Alzheimer’s to Zebras. I AM The Brain Whisperer™ shouting about Love.
My Mantra for carers & families like yours?

Love As an ACTION Verb!™

Both MEs? About all’n’only Love!

I’ve never married butAND I’ve been divorced. I’ve no Children I got to keep butAND I’ll ever be Máirèad’s Mummy. I didn’t get to be our Mom’s primary carer butAND Mom was and remains my primary care. I’ve flown high with Gold Cards AND flamed down swinging. I sing in church, pray in dirt, and Just BE™ best at a beach.
And yes, I AM creating re ALL of the above. Published in words and pictures. Self-published in seven Amazon eBooks and poor poetry! 😉 What am I writing now? Take a Sneak Peak!
In ALL? I AM learning – á la my Dad and vis-à-vis God–She–He–They/The Universe/Them:
Kindness Matters. Meaning, too. And? Intention. Yes, The Divine therein warrants caps. 😉 #AmWriting also at Medium.com, on Facebook, and for Niume. And yes, wherever I am writing orAND Reading: I AM Editing UP! 😉
In ALL? Grammar matters. Words more. Most?

Love IS – both sides of Heaven!™


Yes, my Irish ROOTS run deep AND tall!I AM a Gemini — and so AM I. 😉 Per MBTI® I’m INFJ. I’m an Intuitive — and an Empath. I’m organized — and a Sensate. I question everything — and I trust my Claircognizance (all my nine Clairs) and formidable professional skill sets. I seek Quietude — and enJOY engaging! I’m realistic — and I Dream BIG. I stand small and walk tall: I AM ‘The’ Betty’s Daughter — and Joe’s.

  • ADvocate™ with 12,500+ Followers — forever, for Alz & all Families, and for both sides of Heaven!
  • Emmy® Award-winning Journalist and ★★★★★ Author, Speaker, Brain SME, Poet Wannabe …
  • Klout: 61 — Expert in ★Healing—★Gratitude—★FUNdraising—★Reading (non-book variety!)
  • serial entrepreneur, start-up consultant, nonprofit founder and unFounder…
  • Rent-a-Mom, feline rescuer, tree hugger, volunteer, activist, SundaySchoolMiss …
    Facts of the matter verified Autumn 2017 — and here verified re others’ matters. The rest is verifiable by Them! 😉
    †And yes, I did “see dead people.” My earliest recollection? That very Grandfather, starting age 12-ish months. I rarely see Loved Ones anymore. (My doing.) Rarer still do I use ‘d’ words – dead, died, death. Bodies perish. People Pass. Love REMAINS!™

    Gratitude UP!

    Thought IS Energy!™My Gift, identity, and names are, indeed, Irish – confirmed over and over, over decades and by Gifted Folk both sides of Heaven! My Spiritual Home? My Dad’s Dad’s land, shown above in a photograph made by its Gifted Custodian. Martina M-D’s title at its making – minutes after we first met? “ROOTS.” Whispered in awed brogue. Now an Anam Cara, Martina’s ever welcoming me Home to Mayo – in person, by phone, and into perpetuity. Go raibh míle maith agat, Martina. Agus Grá.
    Thank YOU for visiting my site AND being open to opening UP with me. I look forward to Reading with you. Meantime: Look UP. Read UP. Think UPlifting Thoughts.

    Thought IS Energy!™

    WE CAN change people’s Thoughts, words, and compREhension re Heaven, one another, our world, brains, Love….

    Shall WE?