“Wonderful! You truly engaged the ladies‎, making it far from ‘dry’ … moved by your stories … taught us positive meanings to otherwise ordinary vocabulary: value, precious….” —President, Chicago-area Woman’s Club

Máirín’s influencing Thought for decades. One-to-one or -to-3,000. Live, via eMeeting, by phone … captivating conferences, Fortune-50 boardrooms, brain-boosting workshops … empowering leaders, entrepreneurs, sales stars, author wannabes … UPlifting Love, Life, Health, Vocations, YOUR Gifts.
Award-winning Speaker & ‘Trainer’ Máirín is still coaching and facilitating entrepreneurship – all-the-while loathing “the ‘T’ word” – with skills honed teaching leadership, selling, business development, charity management, and more. Still consulting with some of the brightest stars at Cisco, Xerox, RR Donnelley – all just like YOURS – Máirín’s always inspiring Minds AND Souls to Listen UP: Love IS. YOU Are!

“Poised. Polished. Professional and SPOT ON….”

Máirín draws from world-renowned SMExpertise. Enlivening podcasts & radio shows. Surprising conferencing Millennials. In EQ and Evidentiary Mediumship @MediumMairin. Blowing Minds as The Brain Whisperer™ @BettysLove. Drawing from award-winning professional successes. Pointing Pondering toward Mairin’s Musings™ at Medium.com.
What do YOU want to explore? Heaven? Love? Life? Brains? Biz? “Success” – by what definition? Your Gifts? Yes, YOURS. We ALL can experience The Divine. Yes, YOU. Right NOW. HERE – there – wherever you are. Love IS – both sides of Heaven.™


What’s UP with YOU? Brains? Biz? Grief? Genealogy? On every journey: Laughter AND Tears? Cathartic. Necessary Lesson for ALL.
Leading with FUN. Focusing on Learning. Welcoming Healing Love. Máirín captivates, educates, and inspires audiences of every demographic – both sides of Heaven!
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What’s Máirín UP to now?

Clients Inspire Máirín to Speak UP!

  • Tipping Boardrooms – with Bedtime Books!
  • Engaging Babies & Toddlers in Conversation.
  • Boosting Brains of ALL ages @BettysLove.
  • Recounting Fly-by Angel Encounters.
  • Postman-like Dog Stories – Cat Tales, too!
  • Blooming about Fly-bys in Graveyards.
  • (NOT) ‘Stalking The Friends’ @FOWCemetery!
  • Want more of fans’ favorite UP-looking topics?
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    Developing Gifts

    What are your Talents? for business? in relationships? of a psychic kind? Again: We ALL have the ability to experience The Divine. It’s a Brain Thing™ – just like parenting, romance, leadership, and Mediumship. What IF every lens looked through Love – focusing always on only TWO things? Wow. Wouldn’t that be …
    Just Divine?! Every gathering CAN be. Even if a meeting or conference is all business?
    Máirín supports local charities. Learn more.

    Angels, Aristocrats, & Cats? Oh, MY!

    Everyone loves Máirín’s “Haunting” Storytelling. UPlifting tales of Angels, Children Activists, Elders and Pets hopping into Heaven – and back! 😉 Encountering Energies in 15th-Century French mansions and Chicago burger joints. Of “Fly-by” Readings in ‘portal’ stores like Tarjay and Trader Joe’s. Visiting Farmers’ Almanacs. Aunt Millie’s “Friends” in homes–cars–hotels. Real stories of cows, cats, & Ghosts in Máirín’s own homes. Yes, cows!
    Clients’ FAQs inspire many of Máirín’s fave speaking topics.
    At this age, I still did "see dead people."

  • What DO Children & Pets see? Hint: A lot!
  • What’s with the hair on your arms, neck, cheek…?
  • What’s the difference between ‘Psychic’ & a Medium?
  • Where are your Angel Children — and what do They do there?
  • What happens at the End of Life — and Crossing into The Next?
  • What happens to someone who takes her/his Life? [Not what you think.]
  • Why doesn’t Máirín use ‘d’ words (die—dead—death…)? You’ll love her Aunt Millie!
  • “Can you tell me, is he healing now?” [That Dad is, now, for his daughter’s openness in receiving His Amends.]
  • “Will you tell my Mom I miss her?” [That daughter/son did, in asking. Still, it makes Máirín well every time.]
  • “How do you know God’s ‘He, She, or They” — has God told you?”
  • [Ask Máirín why she roared with laughter at this one asked after a Fly-by — in her own kitchen!]

    PS — Clients’ Readings? Universally valid. Globally voiced. Some resounding within her. Moving her. Still. And yes, Máirín’s writing inspired by many of Yours. Gratefully. Always.
    PPS — Missingness™ It’s a thing. For Máirín, too. And yes, Máirín makes up words* all the time. Liminality — especially High Holy Days like Eclipses. And shLove — an activity! And BOOMerangs — as a verb. *PS — shLove her anyway?

    Hearing NEW Ideas? FAB4Brains!™

    Believing in Mediumship. Boosting Brains. Building Relationships. Bettering Business. Discerning Success. Exploring. Daring. Grieving as a Family with JOY.
    Máirín ensures YOU learn: What you need to know. Why. ‘How to’ ALL you CAN do–live-Love-BE-Know …

  • Your Loved Ones? Near.
  • The Love of Your Life? Now.
  • Your Right Livelihood. Next.
  • Máirín’s and your Gifts? REAL.
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